It’s the eyes that get you. Award-winning photographer Heidi Harting has that rare, innate ability to capture the ethereal spirit through her camera lens. Her photographs reveal true joy and expressiveness. Her compassionate and unassuming nature enables her to connect to her subjects in an extraordinary way. The results are honest and remarkable images – a sometimes startling and always moving glimpse into the soul.

Inspired by Diane Arbus, Heidi picked up her first camera at the age of 18. Seeing stories all around her that needed to be told, she began shooting. She graduated from the New England School of Photography in Boston. Aside from her portraits, Heidi loves photographing rural Americana, carnivals, state fairs and Coney Island. Her photographs have appeared in regional and national juried art shows, local newspapers and magazines. Her portraits make her a sought-after photographer all over New England.

In the end it’s all about the story the photograph tells. Heidi’s uncanny ability to bring out the true nature of a subject creates an image that is unparalleled. She does not go anywhere without her camera, always looking for that next story.