Questions answered: a photo a day

The answers to a photo a day, how I choose my images, and how can you be my photo of the day:

Exhilarated is one word to describe how I feel when I am photographing. During the shoot I usually know my favorite image or images as soon as I see them and before I have even lifted my camera. And when I don't have a camera in hand, I am still photographing in my mind. a photo a day started with no forethought - just came home from a shoot and had so many images that I loved. Only one would end up on my website (work in progress) and too tired to create a full blog post. That was all it took. I like to share. Many images are shot on the day of the post. Some are found during the course of my work day (or night) as I am working on client orders, some are favorites that have just been waiting to be posted since the moment I took them. How can you be photo of the day? Just be there at the right time and place! That's all there is to it. Thanks to all who ask!

I appreciate all the time and effort my clients put in to the photo shoots with clothing carefully chosen, hair styles secured on windy days (and it is always windy at the beach it seems!) This shoot was a favorite with beautiful children & gorgeous fun clothing. At the end of the shoot the children quickly changed in to their bathing suits. The sun broke through the clouds and I knew I had my favorite shot as Bella covered herself in sand.

a photo a day

november 8, 2010

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