vintage visit | wollaston, ma

Treasure. That's what a town that looks like this is to me.

Where it feels like it could be any year, except the year it is...

It all fits perfectly with the house I am about to visit.

I didn't know this woman, but I know she was the last one to live here by what was left behind. The rest of the family grown up, passed away, or moved on...

I know she liked England, saved newspapers and magazines of historical events.

The drawers were all lined with newspapers from the era of when her children were small. The whole house reminded me of my own grandmother who passed away 35 years ago at the age of 86. Who was this woman living in such a bygone era?

Bookshelves filled from her own parents and grandparents lives, handed down, saved, now sold off.

Decade after decade represented.

Before politically correct was a term.

Were items saved because of the fabulous packaging? Or just forgotten about?

Something to add to my own collection!

Hundreds of Air Mail letters, all neatly organized, the only thing not being sold or thrown away in the entire house. A whole lifetime in those letters from England.

Estate Sale by Above and Beyond Estate Sales

All photographs taken with my iPhone.

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